Charity for the year?

We are asking you our the general public to help us pick our charity for the year. We want to give back to our community, so we want to partner with a UK based Zimbabwean focussed charity. Our focus for this year is “Empowering the next Generation”. It is for this reason that our Charity work will be focused on charities who meet this obligation.

What will the charity get?

  • Along with being listed as our Charity Partner for the year, they will also receive financial support.
  • Our Charity partners will also be supported in Zimbabwe with quarterly shopping needs to the charity in Zimbabwe.
  • The charity will also be listed on our marketing streams and to help them gain more followers and support.

Separated we can never achieve anything, but, united together we can achieve greatness.

Thank you, Maita Basa, Siyabonga

Meet the charities

About I AM Empowered

I AM Empowered Zimbabwe is an initiative established to inspire and create an ever empowered generation to be a solution to social,economic and educational issues that face the nation of Zimbabwe.

The programs aims to provide school supplies, tuition fees as well as a mentoring program that will assist those with excellent academic results attain university scholarships world wide.

Project for 2021?

In 2021 the aim is to visit Zimbabwe in the beginning of the year. This would be to pitch the program to schools, establish connections and relationships but also give students the motivation to work harder and aspire to be part of such an amazing opportunity. Taking into consideration the uncertainty we are facing as a result of Covid 19. We hope for the program to begin around October of 2021 as this marks the “new” academic year in Zimbabwe after Exams.  The next generation is in our hands, the future of our nation is our hands. 

About Ngcono Mbowane Foundation

What is Ngcono Mbowane Foundation?

Ngcono Mbowane Foundation seeks to help those in developing countries, and help reach the sustainable development goals. Our vision is to be able to work, support and provide the necessary tools needed for people to live a stable life for all people in every walks of life children and adults, to be able to make communities stronger.  Our mission is to be able to provide the needs needed for individuals to live such as school supplies, pads for girls, clothing, food, workshops and project work.

Ngcono Mbowane Foundation to date has done a couple of projects including school give away drive, #GirlTalk The live show girls empowerment day, food donations at local children’s orphanage, food hamper drive to help in aid of COVID-19 and donated PPE equipment to local clinics also in aid of COVID-19. Last yet December Ngcono Mbowane Foundaiton won charitable effects of 2019 at the Zimbabwean young achieves awards . The foundations main aim for the future is to support and build communities in every way possible. 

Project for 2021?

The first project of 2021 Ngcono Mbowane foundation would be the sports day planned for the boys this project is aimed to teach, inspire and connect with the boys back home our aim is to create a sports where sports equipment is given this day will be filled with activities, workshops, lunch provided, sporting competitions and much more. Other projects will include our annual school supplies which we do every January. We would ask your help by supporting, involved in the planning and preparations for these projects. We aim to collect as much sports equipment as possible doing this through putting together campaigns for donations. 

About Inflame The Dream

What is Inflame The Dream?
Inflame the Dream is a community focused charitable trust set up in 2012 with the simple vision to empower and ignite dreams.
It is divided into four initiatives all serving one purpose which is to ignite dreams and make a difference in the lives of less privileged children. These are;
Orphanage initiative – where we supply food, clothes, blankets and other basic necessities as well as carry out empowerment workshops that perpetuate their goals and desires.
Back to school initiative – where we provide uniforms, books, stationery and pay school fees for kids from poor communities as part of inflaming their dreams.
Talent Outreach Initiative – where we seek and nurture talents from kids in orphanages and poor communities by providing a platform for them to showcase their talents.
Community outreach initiative – where donate food hampers to struggling families mainly child headed families, organise lunch drives, porridge drives and our annual Christmas hamper donations. We also help individuals with start up projects so they can become self sufficient and fend for themselves.
Inflame the Dream believes that every single one of us has a divine purpose in life. Your divine purpose is something that uses your unique skills and abilities to create happiness and joy for others and that is what Inflame the Dream aims to do.

Project for 2021?

Our first project in 2021 will be another community outreach initiative centred around a family in Hopley. We first came across 8 year old Nyasha and her mum during our food donations in Hopley last month. 8 year old Nyasha was sighted by our team on the road side crashing large stones to granite. Nyasha`s mum expressed to us that she was unwell but has no choice but to crash stones. The hammer they use weighs 4 pounds and for 8 year old Nyasha that is too much.
So our plan is to donate a candle making machine to Nyasha`s mum as a different way of generating money and a way of getting Nyasha off the road and to school. Nyasha’s mum expressed that they hadn’t made any sell for the past 3 months. We believe with electricity being scarce in their neighbourhood selling candles could be a great small business.
We would then like to pay fees for Nyasha, purchase her school uniforms, school shoes, bag, stationery and donate groceries.
We would need help purchasing any of the following; the candle making machine which costs $150, purchasing school uniform, bag, school shoes ,stationery and support with groceries.
We believe this would be a great initiative to kick start the year and make a great positive impact direct to this family and mainly 8 year old Nyasha.
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